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COVID-19 Update from our CEO

Dear friends and colleagues,

I’m sure you have a lot on your mind and plenty to read right now, but I wanted to take just a brief moment to wish you, your family and your community safe and healthy passage through what will be a very challenging year ahead.

The Proton team has been working hard to support our valued customers through these troubled times. We have recently expanded our services to include Project Triage and One-on-One Mentoring as part of a brand new COVID-19 Response Package. These, and all other Proton services, can be delivered seamlessly through online and tele-working facilities, or adapted to meet the needs of your workplace.

Proton’s 2019 move to an e-working model freed up our team to work from anywhere at any time, and this has given us a natural advantage through the current crisis. Our office and collaboration spaces are located in non-CBD and regional areas and we have equipped ourselves with the best available e-working technology.

We look forward to meeting the upcoming challenges with you, and working towards better times in the not too distant future.

With best wishes from the Proton team,


12th May 2020

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