The team at Proton have been working hard to help our customers navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. The challenges faced by many include changed business priorities, changed workforce dynamics, new financial constraints, and a range of social restrictions which together have the potential to greatly impact the delivery of projects.

Proton's new Covid-19 Response Package is designed to help address these unique challenges by offering:

Project Triage

Project Triage is a process used to perform a quick evaluation of a project and to prioritise actions or corrective recommendations based on current project status.  

One on One Mentoring

Project Mentoring is a support process that provides professional, independent support to the most critical link in your project, your Project Manager.  

​We also offer:

  • Project Refresh – Rapidly realign the project to function successfully in changed business environment, and make the most of working practices such as teleworking.

  • Remote Adaptation – Understand what impact the new work from home requirements are having on the delivery of your projects and provide recommendations to enhance delivery.

  • Skills – ensure you have access to the best skills and know-how available.

Proton's 2019 move to an e-working model freed up our team to work from anywhere at any time, and this has given us a natural advantage through the current crisis. Our office and collaboration spaces are located in non-CBD and regional areas and we have equipped ourselves with the best available e-working technology.