Peter Spasojevic

Peter established the Proton business in 1996 after many years working as an IT and business project manager in Australian corporations.


Little did he think, more than 20 years ago, that Proton would become such a large part of his career, but with many successful years under the belt the energy is still there.



Therese Collins

Therese has been a key part of Proton's management team since 2010 and currently looks after all aspects of Proton's Project Delivery business, while engaging as a hands-on practitioner and Consultant as required.


Therese brings over 20 years of solid project management experience to the team, not to mention a wicked sense of humour!


Louisette Buijs

Louisette (Set) has been more or less running the Proton back-office since 2005 as well as looking after our extended network of consultants.


For many, Set is the first friendly Proton voice they hear, and a cheery presence at the end of the phone.


Set's almost infallible memory helps make sure nothing gets missed - a real bonus for some!

Andrew Briggs web profile BW_edited_edit

Andrew Briggs

After more than a decade working in various  consulting roles at Proton, Andrew finally made the jump, joining the Management Team as full-time "problem solver" in 2019. 

As Project Solutions Executive, Andrew's primary focus is working closely with customers to fully understand their needs, and to tailor and offer solutions to best meet those needs.

In 1996 Peter Spasojevic established Proton Projects as a specialist supplier of project and change management solutions to Australian organisations.


Roll forward 20+ years and Proton Projects has grown into a respected supplier of high quality services and professional skills. Proton has achieved success by focusing on what it does best in the constantly evolving world of projects and corporate change.

The Proton team will continue to use their extensive experience in project and change-related skills and resourcing to match the best available skills in the Australian market with evolving business needs.